Toil & The Worried Hand

by Perry Bryan

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When I first considered making a new record I figured I would record a covers e.p of traditionals, American mainly. Woody Guthrie, Blind Willie McTell, Leadbelly etc... But the night before we started I sat and realised I wasn't connecting with it. It all didn't fit. I had written two new songs the previous week and felt it made sense to replace two of the covers with them.
And so we began, recording on evenings, fitting it around work and other responsibilities. During this time I received some news that left me quite changed and removed from my day to day, but by and by we carried on and in this time I wrote three new songs. With the recording I became more unsure each day what my intent was with these songs, a covers e.p turned half originals. So with everything considered I decided to remove the remaining three covers and use these new songs, making a record of originals.
These songs were written & recorded over six weeks in November & December. What you will hear I hope is my honest word and a small collection of songs to be enjoyed. Its openness is my experience. Thank you for listening.


released February 24, 2014

Written, arranged & performed by Perry Bryan
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Curtis at CDS Studios over November/December 2013.

Perry Bryan - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Hamonica, Bass Drum & Vocal
Kate Maher - Violin & Backing Vocal
Mike Curtis - Piano
Paddy Griffith - Backing Vocal

Artwork - Oliver Bach
My thanks to the following for their help and hard work over the making of this record - Mike Curtis, Oliver Bach, Robbie Sea, Kate Maher, Equi Muir, Paddy Griffith & Nick Bryan.



all rights reserved


Perry Bryan Essex, UK

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Track Name: O' Lover Of Mine
O' lover of mine,
I held your hymns too high.
O' lover of mine,
Am I that saviour in your eyes.

O' lover of mine,
O' lover of mine.
Track Name: Killed Myself Under The Shadow Bloom
Killed myself under the shadow bloom.
Like a dog I went deep into the woods.

In the fading light
I summon last blood and bellow.
Oh nature's wicked way to sing,
By morning I will be gone.
Track Name: The Evenings Are For Thinking
How long am I going?
Where am I gonna be?
When will I meet my friend?
From this burden I wish to be free.

When the night rolls in all strange
And my sad self falls down to thinking,
And I wonder when my thoughts will change.
Oh the evenings are for thinking.
The evenings are for thinking.

You are all I see,
Day dreamin'.
And when you said your love is real,
I said mine too, it's all that I feel.
And you were scarce, always unseen,
A hard five years of our in between.
And when you came and lied next to me,
I said darling don't you ever leave
But my darling you turn and flee.

So I'm a-going take a trip out west,
And my innocence will lay down to rest.
And my past is laid out in the dust,
And the changin' of a man is a god-damned must.
And the changin' of a man is a god-damned must.

I know that you have enough to do
But Emma let me fall in love with you.
Sometimes the day leaves me slain,
Oh my love I did it all for you.
My love I did it all for you.
Track Name: 3rd Time Around
Oh save my soul.
Once was short, twice weren't gold,
But I keep runnin' on for you doll.
Oh save my soul.

If you think you're all in,
3rd time around, ain't that quite a thing.
'Cos all is love for you my gal.
Oh if you think you're all in.

If you're here to have me
Make sure this time ain't mystery,
'Cos I can't break again my love.
Oh if you're here to have me.

Darl we're gonna marry
Under moonlight and the old oak trees
Because this time is real you know.
Oh darl we're gonna marry.

Oh save my soul.
Honey you know I ain't that strong
But with your love I'll carry on.
Oh save my soul.
Track Name: Have I Done You Wrong
Have I done you wrong?
Let me dwell in this song.
And all the worldly beat
Leaves me chained by grief.

Have I done you wrong?
I don't think that I can go on.
Life is all beauty
But the sadness kills me.

Am I all your light
Or will you curse me into the night?
Am I your mountain and seas
Or will you plead please release me?

On my mind.
On my mind.
I might drift off,
You'll be fine.

Have I done you wrong?
Let me dwell in this song.